Grace vs. the Judgement of God

Many ‘streams’ of Christianity flow with the concept that God is in the business of bringing judgment upon the people of the earth. These ‘streams’ tend to be our prayer warriors, our faithful fasting brothers and sisters who carry the burden to pray for our nation and planet. I honor them for their faithfulness and the incredible prophetic insight they often offer to the Church.

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God does not feel sorry for us.

This might sound, at first, as an opposite statement from the things you are familiar with hearing from me. But allow me to explain and I think you will learn something wonderful.

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The Power of God

The Gospel is the power of God. Paul tells us this in Romans 1:16 & 17. It is the power unto salvation. The word “salvation” comes from the Greek word sozo which has a meaning far beyond the redemption of our souls. It means wholeness of life, health, and mind. It also includes the reality of God’s blessing and favor.

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Hannah LeBlond